Different Light


ButchKurt studied music and drums with David Perper from Dixie Grit and later Rod Morgenstein of the Dregs and Augusta College. He played with Butch Guisto in bands back to 1979. He moved to Memphis, TN to escape the country music lounge scene in Augusta, GA and formed Turning Point with Steve Taylor of DeGarmo & Key and with Jeff Adams of Starship. He earned his electrical engineering degree at Memphis State in 1990 with post graduate work at GA Tech. He worked for AT&T, Texas Instruments, General Dynamics, and the US Patent Office. He founded the first open source recording project, The Jam Lab in 1999 with local trios in Orlando FL, Sugarland TX, and Deep Creek NC. The Jam Lab record live jams and then others add new parts over the web. Butch joined The Jam Lab in 2012 after being reunited by a friend via Facebook. Butch invited Kurt to audition for Different Light in 2022. He is married with two grown sons. He loves astronomy, ancient history, riding his dual sport motorcycle, and photography.

Different Light ยท Different Light - Demo 2022